MiQa’s features

What does MiQa do?

MiQa’s algorithm ensures a real-time quality assessment of cleaning activities. But MiQa is so much more than that.

MiQa in daily use

Easy, seamless, and fast


MiQa offers an intuitive and simple application, which is easy to use from day one. This ensures efficiency in businesses with high staff turnover.

Seamless integration

MiQa is devised from the thought of the cleaner, leading to an easy implementation into your daily operations.

Quickly started

Thanks to our full-service concept, MiQa becomes operational in your organization rapidly.

MiQa’s features

Numerous forces that support your daily operations

Task planning

Personalized work schedules are easily planned via our web-app. Moreover, MiQa can be connected to your PMS.

Navigation and routing

For holiday resorts, MiQa offers super accurate navigation. With an accuracy down to 2 meters, lots of traveling time from object to object will be saved.

Work instructions

MiQa presents clear and visual instructions and does so in the user language. In this way, supervision time is reduced, while consistency and productivity are guaranteed.

Automated room inspections

MiQa automates quality inspections by using AI image detection technology, which enables remote supervision and saves lots of time.

Inventory counts

By taking a single photo, MiQa can count guest supply and minibar inventory, kitchenware, towels, etc. Imagine how much time this saves!


Thanks to MiQa’s real-time feedback, any task needing extra attention is directly communicated to the cleaner’s phone. This way, cleaning quality improves, cleaners become more autonomous and inspections are done way more efficiently.

Remote monitoring

With MiQa, supervision can be done from a distance. Our app enables supervisors to review jobs, give instructions via the chat or share last-minute updates. Special guest request? Easily communicated with MiQa!

Translation tool

Language barriers or misunderstandings? Just a distant memory! MiQa translates all app features, including live chats, instantly into the user’s native language.

Time registration

Automatic time registration per job takes place in MiQa app.

Periodic tasks

All jobs are registered accurately, making it easy to plan periodic cleaning tasks. Removing the limescale once a week? Automatically planned with MiQa!


Data and statistics are clearly presented in MiQa’s dashboard, making sure you gain insights into your performances and offering you all the info you need to improve your level of service.

MiQa in one overview

  • Quality assurance based on images
  • Quality measures clearly presented
  • Image detection
  • Image analysis
  • Image assessment
  • Logistic support
  • Inventory counts
  • Data and statistics
  • Management information
  • Mobile application
  • Web-application
  • Job planning & adjusting
  • Periodic task planning
  • Job reviewing
  • Real-time insights into work progress
  • Multilingual chatting
  • Mobile notifications
  • Time registration
  • Management reports
  • Management statistics
  • Personalized job planning
  • App in native language
  • Relevant booking information
  • Navigation
  • Visual work instructions
  • Reporting of technical defects
  • Communicating in native language
  • Dictating options available