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By supporting the cleaner’s work with technology, the job becomes easier and better results will be achieved.

MiQa for employees

The idea of MiQa originated from our drive to exceed guest expectations. Thanks to our background in the hospitality industry, we sure know how to achieve this. Nevertheless, it remains a daily challenge to ensure the facility process runs smoothly and consistently.

To put it simply: the job is tough. Vacancies have been difficult to fill for years, leading to labor shortages, high work pressure, inconsistent quality and hence a high employee turnover. Meanwhile, guest expectations increase.

After numerous experiments and ideas, we concluded that there is only one way to solve this: taking care of the employee.

We believe that by supporting cleaning work with technology, the job becomes more pleasant, and the results get better.

That is why we are committed to developing software that supports cleaners in their daily job. Clever things that make the job lighter, easier, more autonomous, and with simple communication in the cleaner’s native language.

MiQa is created by Valette Capital and Mediatastisch.

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